The Music of Stuart Jones

Triple Crown

For clarinet, 'cello and piano
Dur: 10:30
Dedicated to The Omega Ensemble

In the late 1990s, the extraordinary clarinetist Jean Kopperud commissioned me to write a number of clarinet trios for her performances with the New York-based Omega Ensemble. Jean and I had worked together on a number of previous compositions, but the style of these new works was to be decidedly different from those earlier pieces. The Omega Ensemble wanted “show stoppers” to end their programs, something to leave the audience excited about the concerts and tapping their toes as they left the hall.

From an early age I have played in jazz bands as a bassist and trombonist, so I decided to apply the “jazz” side of myself to works for the concert hall. The goal was to write something that sounded as though improvised by a jazz musician but the music would be completely written out so that it could be played by classically-trained musicians. I ended up writing four of these works for the Omega Ensemble, mainly because I had so much fun writing them.


  • The Omega Ensemble, Fifth Ave Presbyterian Church, New York, NY Oct 17, 1999
  • The Omega Ensemble, Sea Cliff, NY Nov 6, 1999
  • The Omega Ensemble, Merkin Hall, New York, NY Nov 16, 1999