The Music of Stuart Jones

Into an ultimate realm

For two violins and computer-generated sounds
Dur: 9:15
Dedicated to William Crout

Into an ultimate realm began as an idea for two violins and ensemble. While I was in Barcelona, fresh ideas arose for introductory music for the two violins playing alone with taped electronic sounds. These ideas progressed into the present piece. Into an ultimate realm contains three types of music that continuously appear throughout the piece: a slow, two-part chorale for the two violins, moderately paced sections that are eager to be somewhere else and very fast music that has no time to consider being anywhere else.


  • Vanessa Blander, Colin Davis, Lumen Contemporary Music Ensemble, Arlington, MA Apr 17, 1994
  • Elizabeth Cheng, David Niwa, Miller Theatre, New York, NY Apr 26, 1994