The Music of Stuart Jones

Out of Time

For flute, clarinet, violin, 'cello, piano and percussion
Dur: 21:00

While hiking in the Grand Canyon in the summer of 1996, this sonic image came to mind: a syncopated gesture played pizzicato in the lower register, then a flash of sound in the higher register and finally a dissipation of the radiating energy. This idea came to fruition as the opening six bars of Out Of Time. Working within an intuitional framework with little regard for pre-compositional system, I generated most of the ideas heard later in the piece from these opening gestures. The work is divided into three movements played without pause. The first movement is moderately fast and energetic, the second slow and reflective. the third very fast and frenetic.


  • New York New Music Ensemble, Harvey Sollberger conductor, Slee Hall, Buffalo, NY Jun 3, 1998
  • Lumen Contemporary Music Ensemble, Stuart Jones, conductor, Arlington, MA Apr 2, 2000
  • Columbia New Music Ensemble, Jeffrey Milarsky, conductor, Merkin Hall, New York, NY Apr 4, 2000