The Music of Stuart Jones

Transmogrifications IV

For three tam-tams and computer-generated sounds
Dur: 8:45
Dedicated to Dominic Donato

Transmogrifications IV continues my series of works for solo instrument and computer generated sounds. Like the first three pieces in this series (for horn, flute and clarinet), the computer-generated sounds utilize recorded samples of the solo instrument as source material. Through the use of sound effect techniques such as filtering, reverberation and granular synthesis, the sampled sounds were transmogrified into timbres that sometimes resemble the solo instrument and at other times seem rather surprising. Although they have a wide timbral continuum, the computer-generated sounds were conceived in order to provide constant counterpoint to the live instrumental line which was composed simultaneously. A unique problem arose in this work as tam-tams do not have defined pitch. This affected both the composing of the various lines for the live instrumentalist and the organizing of the counterpoint with the computer-generated sounds. Tam-tams do, however, have wide timbral possibilities which I exploited in conceiving the relationship between the computer-generated sounds and the live instrument. The work is in three sections, the outer two sections related by a slower tempo and all three related by common rhythmic gestures.


  • Dominic Donato, Talujon, Symphony Space, New York, NY Feb 3, 2003
  • Dominic Donato, Lumen Contemporary Music Ensemble, Arlington, MA Mar 23, 2003