The Music of Stuart Jones

Voices Who Are Dreams

For concert band
Dur: 6:30
Dedicated to East Stroudsburg High School Band

Almost two years ago Gordon Fung spoke to me about a project he had in mind for the sixtieth anniversary concert of the band and asked me if I was interested in writing a piece for the occasion. Even though my family left the Poconos many years ago, fond memories still remain with us, and many of these experiences relate to the East Stroudsburg Band. My brother played in the fortieth anniversary concert (I was a young member of the audience), I played in the bands until my family moved in the late seventies, and the band premiered my Autumn Poem in 1984 (a very snowy night forced me to miss the premiere) and Jubilate at the fifty-second anniversary concert in 1986.

This year during a break from my studies at Columbia University I began Voices Who Are Dreams at my family home in Atlanta and finished in February in New York City. I decided to write a meditative piece as I reflected back on all those wonderful experiences. The piece contains extensive solo passages for the various instruments, and perhaps these solos are representative of those voices who are dreams of my past with the band. Voices Who Are Dreams is dedicated to the East Stroudsburg High School Band.


  • East Stroudsburg High School Alumni Band, Gordon Fund, East Stroudsburg, PA May 21, 1994