The Music of Stuart Jones

Cavaliers Overture

For concert band
Dur: 8:30
Dedicated to East Stroudsburg High School

When I was asked to write a piece for the 75th anniversary concert for the East Stroudsburg High School band, I leapt at the opportunity since I have so many fond memories of growing up and learning music in East Stroudsburg, PA. The piece was conceived as a commemoration of 75 years of music making and an honoring of the fine musical education that I and so many others received in the East Stroudsburg school system. Unlike the piece I wrote for the 60th anniversary concert (a personal reflection on my memories of East Stroudsburg), Cavaliers Overture is a festive celebration with an exuberance that aims to capture the joy of the occasion.


  • East Stroudsburg High School Alumni Band, Stuart Jones (cond), East Stroudsburg, PA May 9, 2009