The Music of Stuart Jones

Transmogrifications II

For flute and computer-generated sounds
Dur: 6:30
Dedicated to Jean DeMart

Transmogrifications II continues my planned series of works for solo instrument and computer generated tape. Like the first piece in this series (for horn and tape), the taped sounds utilize sampled sounds of the solo instrument as source material. Through the use of sound effect techniques such as filtering, reverberation, granular synthesis and randomization, the sampled flute sounds were transmogrified into timbres that sometimes resemble the flute and at other times seem rather surprising. Although it has a wide timbral continuum, the tape part was conceived to provide constant counterpoint to the live flute line which was composed simultaneously. The piece is in one movement and is based entirely on materials heard within the first moments of the piece.


  • Jean DeMart, Lumen Contemporary Music Ensemble, Arlington, MA Apr 21, 1996
  • Tara O’Connor, Miller Theatre, New York, NY Oct 13, 1996