The Music of Stuart Jones

Fields of Color and Motion

For nine instruments
Dur: 14:30

One year before Fields of Color and Motion was started, I completed Storm Dreams for violin and piano. I wanted to enhance the sounds of Storm Dreams by placing the violin and piano in a setting of a full chamber ensemble. While it began as a double concerto for violin, piano and chamber ensemble, Fields of Color and Motion is now a more integrated piece with the violin and piano featured in only a few of the sections. The instrumental group is quite conventional (string quartet, wind quartet and piano) with the trumpet and trombone as the only exceptions. These two instruments were chosen to give the piece a brighter and more punctuated sound. The work is in two movements of near equal length. The first movement, Fields of Color, explores the coloristic possibilities of the ensemble. The music slowly shifts through spatial localities with little temporal motion. The second movement, Fields of Motion, explores linear motion of instrumental lines. The music develops very quickly with little opportunity for reflection as in the first movement.


  • Lumen Contemporary Music Ensemble, Stuart Jones, conductor, Arlington, MA Feb 3, 1991